It's time to part ways with my
             prized collection....

I love comics. I'm sure I always will. I love the art,
the escapist themes and stories, and the values
they taught. But now, I would like to sell them.

This comic book collection is valued at over $3,600
from the Overstreet Guide.
All comics are in good to mint condition. (Overstreet Grading Guidelines)

You’ll find comics such as the four issues of “Marvel Limited Edition: Wolverine”, “Special Marvel Edition #15 (First Shang Chi)”, "The Incredible Hulk #340 with a guest appearance by Wolverine (drawn by artist Todd McFarlane), and a very fine condition, “Batman” #152 with an Overstreet value of $65.00.... and many others!

If you purchase these collectable issues, I will also include a box of "reading" comics (approximately 200).

View my collection list here online. If you would like more info contact me.